Stubborn optimism with common sense of following precaution protocols, being prayerful.

As the pandemic scenario is bleaker and dampening our spirit, it is now all the more reason to challenge ourselves to rise up and remain stubborn in the war. Rise up to vaccinate self an d encourage near and dear ones to do too. Rise up and help the needy to pay and vaccinate. Rise up and ritualize a new routine and re-examine how best to manage gatherings with social distancing protocol in place. Rise up to respect our healthcare professionals’ safety and do not burden them even further by risking going out unnecessarily. Rise up and embrace new ways of doing and being in ceremonies and groups. Rise up to making your day no less meaningful and purposeful by setting up goals for yourself to become a better version. Survival is not just about the ‘physically’ fittest alone but your presence of mind and your well being of remaining mentally and emotionally resilient and fit are of equal importance. Rise up and remain prayerful. This too shall be overcome.


Published by amita sanghavi

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2 thoughts on “Stubborn optimism with common sense of following precaution protocols, being prayerful.

  1. A timely reminder for all of us today, beautifully written! We are all in this together and make an impact on each other, and these hard times have emphasized just how much.

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