Being consistent

I have always looked back at what are the ingredients of success? Most often we hear ‘hard work’ but I would like to refine that a little more. The necessity of hard work is unquestionable, but so is smart work. Not just donkey hard work. It is consistent work with genuine interest to just do a little more. The ‘extra’ in the ordinary is ACTUALLY the extra work that is not expected of you. Also, with this, being a YES person. Venturing out there. Keeping on moving. For just a little more. And I cannot emphasize more on doing NEW things AND doing same things in a NEW WAY Success, actually follows you. You just follow what you love to do. So, what ‘new’ did you add to your day?


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5 thoughts on “Being consistent

  1. Remarkable view. Really dominating and impressive. Doing something emphatically, impressively and effectively is itself an art. Let’s adopt it without wasting a moment.

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