Impressions and Expressions



we reflect upon

an experience
And form an impression-

think it through,

and integrate it

with our previous experiences

and we express

joy, fear, doubt or regret,

or maybe

a measure of nostalgia

or even grief.

Our expressions

follow our mind

That holds our impressions.

To live a new day

means to be able

to hold our new experience

in a blank mind:

The tabula rasa.

You cannot burden

a previous experience-

Positive or negative

onto the current moment.

Positivity, too, weighs

of high expectation,

And of the bated breath
of anticipation…

Loading the moment
With hope: is offering being vulnerable,

And at once crushable.

So now WHAT?

Keep the mind unassuming, unclouded, unheavy, ungrey;

Keep it light.

Shrug off the excessive thinking.

Peep into your self
and cleanse the mind.

To hold the burdens,

only tires you
and takes away

your energy

and maligns your vibes.


what you hold


let the rest go:





Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

3 thoughts on “Impressions and Expressions

  1. Thought provoking.
    We are enriched by past experiences by reflecting on them. Brooding on the unpleasant creates sadness, holds us back. Holding the pleasant makes us joyful, looking to the next day, knowing this too will pass.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes. Pleasant memories are like soothing balm to us and bring warmth to our heart.
      Though I have also seen positivity sometimes leads to high expectations and if not met- hopes are crushed. So: Detachment!


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