From Mom to her Teenagers

Twinkling Teens
Its not just about 
How long you are
Glued onto the screen
That I shout,
But more about
What valuable work
you actually did,
Was it important indeed?

And more about
How you forgot
To take healthy breaks
And remind you
Actions back a dream,
I am most concerned,
Can't you listen
My silent plea
Need I scream?

Its not just about
What rule to abide
You simply refuse,
But that you confuse
The difference between
Yelling and telling,
And how to say nay.

Its not just about
Clock hours you miss
But more about keeping promises
And convey in actions
All your heartfelt apologies.

Its not just about
Questioning your choices
But more about
Keeping low prices
And lower voices.

Its not about
Criticising you
But more about
Perfectly preparing you
In order to realise
Your full potential
To ensure you make
Decisions wise,
And higher and higher
You always rise.
Its tough love I know
As a mom I too grow,
My duties' call
I hope you realise,
You are my beloved
My joy in your
Empowerment lies,
How do I pat my back otherwise?


Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

6 thoughts on “From Mom to her Teenagers

  1. Loved the ending. Teenagers seem to communicate in a different language. You keep talking and they just keep doing whatever they want. Screaming is only worth relieving one’s own mental pressure. Lol! Great writing. 🙂


    1. Pandemic pressure pile on. Mommies ke bartan bajte hi hai. Koi kucch bhi kahey indian mom ki chillam chilli ne bachhon ko zyaadatar track pe rakhaa hai. Pandemic pressure without baai, toh mamma zyaadaa chillayi, bacchey 15 or 17 won’t pick up their own mug of chaai.🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So sweetly written…yes, we are moms that care and we may not seem cool to them when we remind and nag, but that’s part of the job description ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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