I walk

Footprints on the sands of Time
I walk.

I walk away 
From an uninvited
Walk-in visiting memory,

I walk
To reach nowhere,
But to walk away 
From the need 
To reach 

Sometimes I walk
Away from expectations
Unreasonable, stifling.

I walk
Miles and miles.

Sometimes I walk
To sort out 
My own journey,
Meet my thoughts halfway,
Question myself, 
How happy was I 
To see them again?

Which thought 
Would I like,
To accompany 
As I walk my path
Of moving, temporary,
 Ever-changing life?

'Who' do I 
Hold hands with,
As I walk free?

Eklaa chaalo re…

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

3 thoughts on “I walk

  1. I walk on this road,
    Leaving behind the load,
    I trust the road with my eyes closed
    I don’t care if I ever I get lost.

    I walk with hope and peace
    The road is long, but, oh, this breeze,
    I drop the troubles and walk with ease,
    Not following anything, nothing to cease.

    I walk the day and walk the night
    Without thinking what’s wrong or right,
    Most people think I have lost my mind,
    As I am not looking for anything to find.

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