Forgiveness Prayer

I seek forgiveness for all my wrongdoings this lifetime and previous lifetimes towards all creatures great and small. May I be forgiven and released from bad karma
Annual Jain Forgiveness Prayer day has coincidentally fallen on 9/11 this year. As if the Universe has conspired that people all over the world ought to forgive each other and move on...for forgiveness will bring peace, and peace will bring progress. 

May the day
Be smooth, silent
And peaceful too,

May this day
You truly forgive
And release all
Creatures great
And small,
From any guilt,
Or hatred or anger
That you may harbour,

May this day
You be truly
Forgiven too,
Not just
For bad karma commited
Intentionally or unintentionally
this life,
But all previous lifetimes too.

Micchaami Dukkadam🙏

Let it go…move forward

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