Gubra Area
The winds howl
The windows rattle
The doors bang
The rains pour and pelt

The sounds threaten
The thunder's louder
The water levels higher
The warnings stricter.

Tempest, twister,
Hurricane or Tsunami,
The destructive Gonu,
Or Shaheen cyclone,
The land does moan,
The sea does groan,

The wind has lost
Its usual control,
All living creatures
Are paying the cost.

The planet did warn,
The globe got too warm,
The deserts dry
Now are flooding
Oh this is human doing!

Now no more sitting,
Discussing and musing,
Stop Nature-exploiting
Environmental abusing.

Move to act,
See how our earth
Angrily does react.

Live life simply,
No resource-wasting,
Recycle, don't buy,
Lessen your ego,
Every gal and guy!

Give up the need
Of ownership
Of material possessions,
Give up greed!

In sacrifice
Take pride,
Start sharing,
Choose re-using,
Give up luxuries,
Grow more trees.

Indian school Darsait area

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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