Sundays, lovely sundays, 
No rushing to work,
No hopping on buses,
Or catching trains,
Or missing subways.

No early wake up call,
No hurry, no haste at all,
No alarms ringing,
Lazy waking,
And lazier rising.

Leisure short and sweet,
Sunday's a treat!
But this Sunday,
Get busy,
Get ready,
Decorate the home
Bright, all lit.

Favourite foods cooking,
Special savories
Yummy, spicy and crunching,
On Diwali sweets
Don't yet start munching!

Shop to shop hopping,
Shopping, more shopping,
Getting busy inviting,
And rangoli making.

Celebrate and cheer,
Diwali's here!
Get ready!

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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