A reflective morning

Forty more days 
For 2021 to go.
The pendulum
Rocks to and fro.
Do we realise,
What more we need
To do, to know?
Do we decide to shrink
Or do we want to grow?
2021 bids farewell
So soon, in a blink-
Forty more days
For 2021 to go.

Unlike our others,
Who left us
And went ahead,
To the final home,
We breathe here,
One more year.

Shall we rethink, refine,
Shall we ourselves redefine,
Do we want to rewrite,
Our purpose here,
Being creative,reflective
On what we believe?

What did we receive?
What did we give?
Let's just be reflective.

Have a reflective day ahead.
Good morning.
Mindful reflection

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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