And how exactly

And how exactly
Do you want
The day to go?

What do you wish away
and what do you welcome?

No, no, not a flavour
All too sweet
Not just maple syrup
Or only loads of honey-

A pinch of powdered
Cinnamon or pepper,
Adds to the relish
Of Life's recipe.

Let the day be a bit
Chutney-like chatpatta*,
A daring dash of
Fresh green chilli,
Life's spicy truly,
Laugh often at self,
Be lively, seriously!
Enjoy fully,
All jokes silly.

Have a yum yum day,
Smile and laugh it away.

* chatpatta-spicy
Find the chutney-honey and
chilli- silly balance!

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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