Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy 47th. You look as young as your heart is!
Sisters are so precious,

Indeed a lifetime gift,

They support and help you,

Whenever you falter or fall,

With their help

Back to your balance

You shift,

They help you lift.

You have been the best

With you I have woven

A lifetime of delights:


And arguments;

All we did we loved

and let go the rest.

You brought light

To our lives

Rumjhum is our pride,

Your smile she wears,

Pearly teeth and wide.

May our journeys together

With ups and downs

Smiles and frowns

Become greater and better

As we love and we nurture

Each other forever and

My forever New year gifts: my sisters, both born in January!

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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