Dark coffee, light moments

Not all days are a sunny carrot-orange. 
On such days,
Coffee with cream
Fixes the heart that is too full
And has to stop feeling,
And the mind is too still,
And has to start thinking.
On such pale days,
I prefer coffee with cream.
The aroma and the warmth
Quietly work their way
Through the cobwebs
Of uncertainties of life
Piling up on my heart;
Wiping each tear of mine so heavy,
The burdens of carcasses
Of disillusionments
Made bearable with each sip,
I have borrowed some light
Got so much clarity,
And ideas have lit up in me.
I have drunk some hope from my cup,
Borrowed some courage from it.
Some moments are angry reds,
So, I need another concoction of coffee.
Loaded with white cream,
A bit too sweet for the rest,
A very sweet coffee is the best
When life throws me out of balance,
And my cup pampers me,
Pinking my oh so chili-red day.
Coffee is black Espresso
Pure, distilled, dark,
And hot enough,
To burn the tongue roof
On days when stimulation
To live on, is sipped
Drop by drop.
Coffee is my darling.
Frothy and ice-cold
When I am warmed by joy,
My signature coffee,
Dashed with cocoa:
That’s my very own Voice,
In it, I chuckle, chocolateful,
My light shines
Through bright.

In all its shades and flavors,
Chennai filter coffee is
Strong not light,
The prize winner,
My ultimate savior,
My mood swinger,
My extra creamy,
Very hot, very strong,
And best mood-sweetener
And soul-uplifter.

Published by amita sanghavi

I teach, I write...

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