Impressions and Expressions

IMPRESSIONS AND EXPRESSIONS: Everyday we reflect upon an experience And form an impression- think it through, and integrate it with our previous experiences and we express joy, fear, doubt or regret, or maybe a measure of nostalgia or even grief. Our expressions follow our mind That holds our impressions. To live a new day meansContinue reading “Impressions and Expressions”

Shifting your thoughts

It has been a challenge and quite some watchfulness was required in becoming an observer of my thoughts and detaching from them and choosing which ones were unwelcome. But the effort has been worthwhile. I am sure with time, we can change the thoughts and see the extraordinary effect of the shift within and without!

Writing my first post!

The extraordinary power of thought. It is amazing. Wayne Dyer writes about changing our thought and changing our life. Indeed. A subtle change in our outlook shifts us to higher vibes. Choose constructive, optimistic, thoughts of ‘possibilities’ rather than anything else. I am an individual who emphasizes on doing just a ‘little more’ and ‘doingContinue reading “Writing my first post!”