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Keep thoughts simple

Today, make it a point to keep thoughts simple or creative. Focus on learning something new. Try not to indulge in analysing situations and people. Keep life simple. Enjoy the good weather, aspire for an attainable goal and set it for self-improvement, read on a totally new topic, increase creative activities and enjoy positivity.For the […]

Thank you dearest Mother Earth

This Thanksgiving, Thank Our Planet Raise your awareness. You can’t love fish and litter the fresh water river,Or throw plastic rubbish on a beach,Or toss Coke cans in the sea.Be mindful please.Live honestly. You can’t love music And honk unnecessarily:Noise creates stress,Don’t forget so easily.Be mindful please.Think deeply. You can’t claim to love birds and […]


That bottle of half-drunk water, Some sipped, Some saved For later, So like our wishes,Some pursued, Some hidden, Just to be mused.

52nd National Day of Oman

Oman, the land of peace.Oman, the land of beauty.Oman, the land of wisdom.Oman, the stretch of oceans.Oman, the home of mountains.Oman, the address Of an aquamarine oasis.Oman, the essence Of silence and quietude.Oman, the beautyOf grace and gratitude.Oman, Where whispersOf the waves,Create music In every heart,Oman, A glimpse of paradise,Oman,A class apart.

Mountains of Muscat

Today there is a rare And unusual clarityIn the skies and one can see The faint outline Of the highest peak. May our minds Always have such clarityAnd may we be grantedAnd blessed such visions That guide us Into the unknown With calmness And divine sublimity.Good Morning World!

Happy Children’s day India!

A poem for kids: ‘My Train Journey’ ‘My Train Journey’ My train journeyWas just lovely,I met kidsWho were funny,We laughed a lot At each station Hot snacks we bought.Chhuk chhukChhuk chhukChug chugChug chugWent the train,The rhythm feltLike a refrain.I know not whenA thug cameA thief he was,Who stole a packOf my croissant plain;I thought to […]

Nothing is truer

Nothing is truerNothing is truer,Than the truthThat we stop ourselvesFrom doing more And doing better.Nothing is truer,Than the truthThat we fear Our own light,Our own power.Nothing is truerThan the truthThat we think smallAnd dream smaller,And do the smallest.Nothing is truerThan the truthThat we abandonedA great idea within,For fear of failure,And gave up,Instead of taking A […]

Into November

Into November,We stumble,October’s over End of 2022’s in sight,So let’s reflect onThe wishes we lostSaying, I ‘may’ and ‘might’.Let’s make up our mind,Life doesn’t comeWith a button to rewind,To yourself do remind,Don’t mull too long,Write your story,Hum your song.

Overcoming hesitation

Say it,Feel the release.Hesitation is good,It guides us instinctively,We think well,We ‘maybe’ and ‘could’.But, don’t let an ideaOriginal and creative,Be lost, left unsaid.Today, reflect quietly,Reframe, reword If you may,But let it out- Just say!

Round the corner

You may feel low,You may have had a blow,But dwell in hope,You’ll surely cope,Just round the corner,There’s dawn again and light,There’s sweet delight.Diwali’s the highlight.Declutter and decorate,Goodness let’s opt forEach and everyday, Kindness let’s celebrate.In each and every way.Diwali is a festivalOf lighting diyas,To drive away darkness,Not just of the Amaavas,But also the despairAnd focus […]


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