I have majored, 18 years in Muscat.

2004-present, a journey of joy.
Back in 2004 I landed on 9th April, Good Friday, in Muscat.
I now feel Muscat is in me as much as I am in Muscat, my beloved city.
Thank you, Muscat,
Thank you, Oman.

Oman, Beauty’s address


Not a great morning, I say, but do what you can and just pray.
Ces`t la vie!
The world is at times
A bit topsy, a lot turvy,
For you or me
Or her or him,
The morning may seem,
A bit like
Coffee gone cold,
A bit like
A slightly burnt cookie,
That too without cream.

Your mood may seem low,
The sun may glare
And pale your glow,
Life may bring you,
Blow after blow.

If this be such a day,
I wish good luck
Comes your way,
Hope all the odds
You do overcome,
And find solutions,
Where there seemed none.
You’ll get there…be back in control soon! This too shall pass.

This too shall heal

However lost and hurt you feel, remember impermanence.
The fact of impermanence

We ought to hold

Onto closely,

Especially awarefully,

Consciously, every day.

Impermanence in life

Does remind us

That injuries

of the heart,

body and mind

Do not hurt forever.

This new injury

Feels heavy right now,

Unbearable somehow,

But its not permanent,

Soon it will heal.

Always remember

We are all temporary,

What happens to us

Does end, does pass,

And so shall we.
Each experience, each moment is Fleeting…


Gubra Area
The winds howl
The windows rattle
The doors bang
The rains pour and pelt

The sounds threaten
The thunder's louder
The water levels higher
The warnings stricter.

Tempest, twister,
Hurricane or Tsunami,
The destructive Gonu,
Or Shaheen cyclone,
The land does moan,
The sea does groan,

The wind has lost
Its usual control,
All living creatures
Are paying the cost.

The planet did warn,
The globe got too warm,
The deserts dry
Now are flooding
Oh this is human doing!

Now no more sitting,
Discussing and musing,
Stop Nature-exploiting
Environmental abusing.

Move to act,
See how our earth
Angrily does react.

Live life simply,
No resource-wasting,
Recycle, don't buy,
Lessen your ego,
Every gal and guy!

Give up the need
Of ownership
Of material possessions,
Give up greed!

In sacrifice
Take pride,
Start sharing,
Choose re-using,
Give up luxuries,
Grow more trees.

Indian school Darsait area