Come, September

Experience the shades of your emotions. Keep them light or bright.
Come September,
Like a dry leaf
Shake off
Everyone's grief.

Come September,
Make life better,
Help everyone shrug,
Each big and small grudge

Come September,
Help all remember,
You precede October,
And the last quarter,
Of this year,
And it's time
To acknowledge
That in the Fall,
Nature let's go
All dried and old,
Bares itself to the cold

Likewise, September,
Let everyone's heart Begin to clear,
Of worry and fear,
Of a frown or a hidden tear
And await calmly
The end of the year.
Turn over a new leaf…


What do we really own?

Our thoughts
Our words
Our actions
Our voice
Our decisions
Our feelings
Our body
Our mistakes
Our heart
Our soul
Our talent
Our efforts
Our wishes
Our Voice

Nothing else.

Ponder on this.

Decluttering and closures

Let go. Feel lighter.
What makes decluttering difficult is letting go.

You loved that stuff
Of very long ago,
But now,
You don't need it
You know.

If you want to go
With the flow,
Clutter can't burden you,
Attachments to old energy
Can't withhold you
From being ready
And receiving all new.

At the moment,
It might be hard,
But overcome the urge
Not to let go,
Do not hoard,
You need to declutter
You need to purge,
To let the new
Come on board.

Closures are necessary.


Looks familiar? May you declutter. The Kon Mari way.
May everything go right, 
May we all feel peace,
And we may all heal.

May we all decide,
To live in the moment,
May all shed off
Our memories of lack,
Our painful past,
And wear a smile,
And ponder for a while,
How our souls
From fear of lack
Lead to some greed,
May we gently
From this be freed.

Clutter crowds the mind,
Creativity gets no space,
And is left behind.

Why do we accumulate,
More and more,
When we know for sure,
We can use only few,
So keep the best,
Declutter helps us cure,
Brings us mental peace,
We feel sanctity pure.

We have to leave,
All this behind,
From time to time,
To ourselves,
May we gently remind?
Marie Kondo’s must have book