Teach your daughter this:

You are empowered 

If your bank account is

surplus and sufficient,

Your house help is

Regular and efficient,

If you are well-trained,

On raising your profit


And no one dares to

Stop or question,

Your spending decision.

You are empowered

If you walk to work

Without being taunted

Or made to feel guilty

To not first give birth;

But instead encouraged

To up your own worth,

And decide if you are

Ready to bring

A life on earth.

You are empowered,

If you have your

Own house and

Medical insurance,

Not empty promises,

or false ‘future’


You are empowered,

If you are not distracted

To ‘appease’ as

An object of beauty,

Rather raised with

self -defence skills

And busy raising

Your immunity.

You are empowered

If your effort is


Your results applauded,

But most of all,

Your smile is tear-proof,

You enjoy being

Your truly unique self,

Not pressured to be

A colour, a height,

A certain weight,

That you need

To ‘improve’.

You are not empowered

If you are obsessed,

To be accepted by others,


Give yourself up,

Just to be 'approved'.
An inspirational philanthropist
Ila Bhatt, India is proud of. THANK YOU for founding SEWA- Self Employed Women’s Association.

Silence resonates

As she ascends
To the heavens
Here her voice remains:
A gift of essence,
Her eternal presence.

Silent tears resonate
With the loss
Of her voice
Our words we cremate.

Voice of the heavens
Our Pride and solace,
We will forever
Remember your grace.

Our voice beloved,
Our tribute,our respects
And our reverence
We struggle to express.

If the criteria of beauty were Voice not appearance, would the world not be different?

Pranaams to Saraswati’s form on earth, immortal you are on earth, not just in India, the land of your birth.