The rain clouds,
Bring relief,
To the lands,
Thirsty and dry;
It's July.

Nature seems to ask not
When, what, who, where,
And why:
Some places flood,
In July,
Some are too parched,
Still very dry.

Clouds and life,
Both are so random,
Dear July,
Please put everything,
Back in tandem.

Permanence and Impernanence

Life forms change.
Life continues,
Life is eternal.

Both impermanence
And permanence coexist, Simultaneous and obvious.

The oneness:
In all life force,
The moving energy is one,
Yet the variedness:
As appearance differs
Among the multitude
Of varied life forms.

All life predicaments
Seem at once personal,
Yet everywhere found,
They are universal.

Living creatures are mortal,
Yet all life forms are immortal:
The cycle of life and birth continues.

Life forms change,
Life continues.
Life is eternal.