Draw the line.

Life is not about just having. Life is more about living. Life is more about experiencing rather than accumulating. Money is no doubt very essential for enabling empowerment. There are no two things about it. But to live less in order to earn more and just have more at the cost of too much stress and no fun is where we need to truly reflect and slow down on the chase, if we have inadvertently fallen into it in the first place. Life is more when you follow your heart with your mind open and in control. Decide where to draw the line. Its your life and your time on the planet is your greatest gift to live it fully and fulfillingly. Balance is the key. But do not wait too long to do what you really feel like. Do not keep pushing away your heart’s desires too far, too long. Go live well and live morešŸ’.

Thank you Michelle, for being so YOU

A poem inspired by #Michelle Obama’s speeches on Youtube

We slip into despair-Ā 

into tears,Ā 

into fire,

Ā into deep ocean.

And a Youtube video


Michelle's reminder

falls into our soul

Like sundropsĀ 

Helps us gather ourself,

Lifts us, shifts us

We watch bygones,

Like a dead,

Dried leaf strewn,

Breezes away from the


May we release dry

Dis-serving thoughts