From little to more,
We are entangled
In daily life
Our mind and heart
Tired and mangled.

Take a deep breath,
Now with force exhale,
And let it all go,
Repeat again and again,
Till you know
The heaviness is gone,
You don't feel
Overwhelmed and low.

To yourself
Just remind,
You can't always
Yourself grind,
Free yourself
From burdens,
From 'Musts'
And 'Shoulds'
Do not your mind,
So strictly bind.

Life takes care
Of itself,
There are times
To put in every effort,
To be in the front,
And at times,
It's your moment,
To let go,
With grace bow,
To hold back,
Withdraw and rest,
And pray for the best.
This too shall pass

Thank you Michelle, for being so YOU

A poem inspired by #Michelle Obama’s speeches on Youtube

We slip into despair- 

into tears, 

into fire,

 into deep ocean.

And a Youtube video


Michelle's reminder

falls into our soul

Like sundrops 

Helps us gather ourself,

Lifts us, shifts us

We watch bygones,

Like a dead,

Dried leaf strewn,

Breezes away from the


May we release dry

Dis-serving thoughts