When you laugh

Laughter beautifies you!
When you laugh,
Your heart sings,
Your laughter sounds
Like a bell that rings,
Your soul sighs
And your mind heals,
How light it feels!

Like a ray,
You spread joy
Mile to mile,
When you smile😊.

Smile and laugh more,
Increase your
Joy score,
Hope you aren't being
A grumpy bore!
Just laugh it off, whatever it is. Choose your battles wisely; let go the rest.

Musical morning

Have a musical morning.

Listen to the Sitar.

As chords are played
With dancing fingers,

The music created lingers,
Serious and sincere.

The heart is touched,
The eyes are drenched,
Sitar echoes in the soul,
And gently does heal,
All hurt sentiments.

Listen to the Sitar
Decide for yourself,
A Youtube search
Or an old CD
On the music shelf.