Thank you dearest Mother Earth

This Thanksgiving, Thank Our Planet

Thank the Earth, Truly!
Raise your awareness. 
You can't love fish and litter the fresh water river,
Or throw plastic rubbish on a beach,
Or toss Coke cans in the sea.
Be mindful please.

Live honestly.
You can't love music
And honk unnecessarily:
Noise creates stress,
Don't forget so easily.
Be mindful please.

Think deeply.
You can't claim to love birds and the skies,
And waste electricity, cut trees, pollute the air and abuse carbon energy.
Be mindful please.

Live frugally.
You can't heed to greed,
Shop till you clutter,
Waste resources
For your fancy and whim;
Help to keep the air
Pure and clean
To breathe in:
It's our survival,
Our need.

Thank the planet
In every choice you make,
Protect the environment,
In every action you take.

Do thank each creation,
That supports & sustains
Our life cycle,
Bees or trees,
Small or big.

Thank every living being,
Choose to go green,
Choose our well-being,
On this day of Thanksgiving.

Plant more trees🌿🌱🌴🌵

Enter November!

Are you shawl-ready?
The month eleventh,
Cool in the desert,
Cold elsewhere,
Freezing minus ten,
Speeding to year-end.

Glance back perhaps
The time did lapse,
Memories we made,
Some of laughters
Some of regrets.

We lost some,
We found some,
People gone,
People come.

Thanksgiving month,
Gratitude to hold,
Tomorrows to behold,
With fervour,
Enter November,
Let's thank all those,
We forgot to remember.

Gratitude is the best attitude