Keep thoughts simple

Today, make it a point to keep thoughts simple or creative. Focus on learning something new. Try not to indulge in analysing situations and people. Keep life simple. Enjoy the good weather, aspire for an attainable goal and set it for self-improvement, read on a totally new topic, increase creative activities and enjoy positivity.
For the simpler we keep our thoughts, the more receptive we are of the fresh, the new and the creative.
What is this life, if full of care

Thank you dearest Mother Earth

This Thanksgiving, Thank Our Planet

Thank the Earth, Truly!
Raise your awareness. 
You can't love fish and litter the fresh water river,
Or throw plastic rubbish on a beach,
Or toss Coke cans in the sea.
Be mindful please.

Live honestly.
You can't love music
And honk unnecessarily:
Noise creates stress,
Don't forget so easily.
Be mindful please.

Think deeply.
You can't claim to love birds and the skies,
And waste electricity, cut trees, pollute the air and abuse carbon energy.
Be mindful please.

Live frugally.
You can't heed to greed,
Shop till you clutter,
Waste resources
For your fancy and whim;
Help to keep the air
Pure and clean
To breathe in:
It's our survival,
Our need.

Thank the planet
In every choice you make,
Protect the environment,
In every action you take.

Do thank each creation,
That supports & sustains
Our life cycle,
Bees or trees,
Small or big.

Thank every living being,
Choose to go green,
Choose our well-being,
On this day of Thanksgiving.

Plant more trees🌿🌱🌴🌡



That bottle              
of half-drunk water,
Some sipped,
Some saved
For later,
So like our wishes,
Some pursued,
Some hidden,
Just to be mused.

52nd National Day of Oman

Happy 52nd National Day
Oman, the land of peace.
Oman, the land of beauty.
Oman, the land of wisdom.

Oman, the stretch of oceans.
Oman, the home of mountains.

Oman, the address
Of an aquamarine oasis.

Oman, the essence
Of silence and quietude.

Oman, the beauty
Of grace and gratitude.

Where whispers
Of the waves,
Create music
In every heart,

A glimpse of paradise,
A class apart.
Oman inspires.


Mountains of Muscat

For the love of the mountains
Today there is a rare 

And unusual clarity

In the skies

and one can see

The faint outline

Of the highest peak.

May our minds

Always have such clarity

And may we be granted

And blessed such visions

That guide us

Into the unknown

With calmness

And divine sublimity.

Good Morning World!

Nothing is truer

Over thinking, over perfecting, over analysing are stoppers. Un-stop yourself
Nothing is truer

Nothing is truer,
Than the truth
That we stop ourselves
From doing more
And doing better.

Nothing is truer,
Than the truth
That we fear
Our own light,
Our own power.

Nothing is truer
Than the truth
That we think small
And dream smaller,
And do the smallest.

Nothing is truer
Than the truth
That we abandoned
A great idea within,
For fear of failure,
And gave up,
Instead of taking
A calculated risk.

This world
That we hold
The power to better,
Why do we fear?
Un-box your fear. Un-box your self limiting beliefs. Rise up to risk. Rise up to challenge.

Into November

Into November,

We stumble,

October's over

End of 2022's in sight,

So let's reflect on

The wishes we lost

Saying, I 'may' and 'might'.

Let's make up our mind,

Life doesn't come

With a button to rewind,

To yourself do remind,

Don't mull too long,

Write your story,

Hum your song.

Overcoming hesitation

Mention it, just say!
Say it,

Feel the release.

Hesitation is good,

It guides us instinctively,
We think well,
We 'maybe' and 'could'.

But, don't let an idea
Original and creative,
Be lost, left unsaid.

Today, reflect quietly,
Reframe, reword
If you may,
But let it out-
Just say!
Yours could be the next best idea the world needs!

Round the corner

You may feel low,

You may have had a blow,

But dwell in hope,

You'll surely cope,

Just round the corner,

There's dawn again and light,

There's sweet delight.

Diwali's the highlight.

Declutter and decorate,

Goodness let's opt for

Each and everyday,

Kindness let's celebrate.

In each and every way.

Diwali is a festival

Of lighting diyas,

To drive away darkness,

Not just of the Amaavas,

But also the despair

And focus on inspiring

Others and ourself,

Spread love and light,

Share wisdom, show care.

Completing 49 years

Thank you Life for 49 13 Octobers
Is aging chronological

Or spiral?

Aging is random,
In moments few,
Our mental age grew.

Is aging greying
Or growing?
It is both for some,
Making use of this privilege is true understanding.

Is aging resting

Your case,

Or resisting?

Aging is building a case

Singular, exceptional
and then resting:
For posterity, be inspiring.

Is aging sweetening
Or embittering?

Aging is a little of all,
Like so many shades
Of a shedding
Maple leaf at Fall.

Aging is choosing

To remain affectionate,

Yet to be detached,

From life's disarray,

Messy at times,

But that's life, anyway.

Aging is being

And becoming

More inwardly beautiful,

And outwardly

Silently observing,

And wisdom-gathering,

Aging is a chance for

Telling tales more,

Half stories uttering,

In whispers, in words,

Musical and gentle,

Coloured with meaning,

Aging is poem-ing

In rhythm and rhymes,

Like the morning chimes.

One more 13th October
I am blessed to see
I thank my Papa and Mummy
Always in deep gratitude for my most supportive mother.
Aging is reliving random memories

Happy Birthday!

Our niece!
You rule our hearts naturally,              You are our dearly,  
You smile so graciously, You breathe so gently,
You speak so softly,
You move so delicately,
You are our Princess lovely, Each day may you live happily,
In every way remain blessed lovingly,
Now and for multiple decades to come,
You remain our precious, niece, our only one!

Watch “Try this tongue twister!” on YouTube


First day of October

October bring all that’s happier!
First day gone,
Will October bring
A joyful song to sing?

First day gone,
Will October bring
A new friend to ping?

First day gone,
Will October bring
A reason to keep smiling?
Four more months- the last quarter begins

Watch for 5 minutes!

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Meet OBE Maggie Jeans in the second episode of my talk show, JUST ONE MORE QUESTION.


Understanding Surrender

The usual understanding of surrender is feeling desperate, feeling helpless and giving up, and turning to a higher/superior power for resolution/help/ support/miracle.
To a great extent, this understanding of surrender is true for all of us.

But one can go deeper and understand that real and total surrender are at a different level.
After putting in every possible effort and failing and feeling helpless, due to any situation, circumstance or human behaviour, one has to go through the feelings of shock, disillusionment, helplessness, sorrow and acceptance of many things, such as, accepting that one is not in control of what life has in store, that nothing comes with guarantee, that one is not strong and powerful enough to overcome every setback; but most of all one then REALISES that seeking strength and bowing to a higher entity in peace, with a completely humbled heart, and a calm sort of detached disposition with being wiser of ALL human predicament, and turning to both faith and hope in some kind of divine intervention, is Surrender.

To be desperate, feel helpless, pray and plead and beg to the higher entity in the hour of sorrow or need is not actual surrender. That is mere desperation.

Actual, real surrender is total acceptance and wisdom of one's limitations and realisation that now only someone or something beyond the human realm can make a difference.

Understanding and realising the true essence of surrender truly is freeing ourself from misery, and believing that a kind, higher energy is at work, that may ease things if you let go and keep faith and hope and move inwards in peace and prayer, connecting with that higher realm of energy.

Make today awesome

Today,in all you do,
Add a little bit
Of glitter,
Add a little bit
Of glamour,
Add a little bit
Of grit.

In every act today,
Be the hand of God,
And however mundane
Be your task,
It's upto you
To add a little zest
And make better or best.

Life is a short trip,
Whatever you do,
Do it whole heartedly,
Like an act of worship.
Good Morning!